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Noble Impressions is the hobby letterpress shop of Alan Dye.  I do mostly small print jobs for friends and family. The shop is located in my garage here in San Francisco. 

I print on a small 5x8 inch Gorham Alert Rotary treadle-powered platen press from 1876, a C&P New Style 8x12 inch press from 1949, and a 2011 Pratt Albion Foolscap Folio (roughly 10”x15”) Iron Handpress (#18). 

Tuesday evenings are “Printer’s Night” here, where I regularly print with other printers.

We are not commercial printers, we do mostly small printing jobs for friends and family, including announcements, cards, and the like.  We’re always happy to meet other printers and letterpress enthusiasts.  You can email us here.

If you are 

For those who prefer snail mail:

Alan Dye, Occasional Printer
Noble Impressions
183 Bright Street
San Francisco, CA 94132

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