A New Website

I love Apple computer. Sometimes however, they leave you in the lurch. When I started my website back in 2009, I used iWeb, which came with my Mac. Then, without much warning, they discontinued it in 2012, and I was left with a website I couldn’t edit. I bought Sandvox in 2013 and tried to migrate the site. No joy. 

After a recent hosting upgrade from GoDaddy, I decided that owning a ‘cobwebsite’ was not a good idea and decided to get back into editing my website. Since the web is made up of links, I didn’t want to blow away the old website, so I’ve left it on the server, and you can access it here

However, I decided that rather than trying to migrate hundreds of images to the new format, I’d move to a blog format. The downside, is that everything related to printing projects from pretty much 2012 to 2015 is missing from my website. The upside is that I’ve started using my website again, which is better than shutting it down. Not all decisions are easy, but I’m OK with this one. I’m using Sandvox to edit this new site, and so-far, the irritations are minimal.

If there’s something nice from that period, in a lull, I’ll recover that ground. If not, you’ll be spared.

I’ve decided that with future projects, I’ll be blogging about them rather than creating photo albums. Look for new blog entries in the future!

© Alan W Dye, 2015