The Arrival of Pratt Albion #18


There hasn’t been a day pass in the year since I ordered a Foolscap Folio Albion Hand Press from Stephen and Ben Pratt at Pratt Wagon and Press Works in Beaver, Utah, that I haven’t thought about the day this press would finally be delivered! I’m sure many of my friends, family, and fellow printers have gotten tired of listening to me talk about it. All have been incredibly supporting, asking questions, inquiring about the progress towards delivery, and generally sharing my excitement.

I placed the order in early 2011 and Pratt Albion #18 arrived on February 15th, 2012.  The photos below chronicle the event. I was joined at the delivery of the press by fellow Albion Club members Mike Parkinson, and Norman McKnight. Norman has Pratt Albion #5 at His Philoxenia Press in Berkeley, California. His is a decade older than mine and Norman has graciously allowed me to print on his Albion for the past year to build up experience and knowledge.

I think it is the most beautiful press in the world!